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There is a wine for all occasions, but even better a good wine always fits the right moment. It delights, can make philosophers of novices, it is art in the bottle and enhances one’s lifestyle.

There is so much to learn from this mystical beverage, so much to enjoy and that’s why we at Winejoy talk about it non-stop.


This mystical beverage, with a heritage and history stretching over a thousand years and more, remains a source of enjoyment to this day. We at Winejoy live and breathe wine to bring you your choice of personalized wines right to your doorstep!




Winejoy concentrates on, not only enhancing this enjoyment and appreciation, but to also discover wines that deliver true quality and value to our clients. We particularly seek those wines that are handcrafted, iconic, still everyday but personal.

We deliver a varied selection of wines ranging from those produced by the famous South African stalwarts to the lesser known and undiscovered garagiste.

Each product is personally sourced by a member of our procurement team, who has cultivated a relationship with the producer that allows us to offer their limited products right to your doorstep and directly from the producer.


  • Makes the task of planning for a celebrationa pleasure - wine at the right price for the appropriate occassion.
  • Finding that perfect gift – a piece of cake!
  • Stocking up for your cellar– an exciting journey of discovery
  • That really special wine - we have a team of wine consultants on hand to assist you and hunt down any special and exclusive wine you may have in mind. Your own wine expert advising you.
  • Our wines are well researched and will provide you with all the up to date information about each wine.
  • We have an incredible selection of top South African and International wines in all styles, varieties and blends.
  • Provides the convenience to buy and secure all your wines on-line and have it delivered to your door.



The Winejoy team consistsof Gerda Mouton, qualified Cape Wine Master, and a team of tasters that regularly meet to taste the wines that are secured for our Winejoy portfolio. Gerda Mouton has been in the wine industry since 1988 and has built long term working relationships with the producers and wine makers. This enables Winejoy to secure not only real value wines, but also hard to find wines at really good prices for our clients. Many award winning restaurant wine lists have been composed by Gerda Mouton perfectly matched to the chef’s menu. Most important though we have a knowledgeable team with experience to recommend and guide our clients in their choice of wine.

Every Friday (when our week starts) our team meets to taste and discuss new wines. We base our criteria on wines that are new, something different, sometimes funky, great value that over delivers or something so stunning that really we should keep it to ourselves! But we want to increase your hedonistic wine pleasure without you spending more time and money that are necessary to find these wines.

Winejoy believes in and supports the “wine lifestyle” and there for offer many other services to enhance your lifestyle. Subscribe to our news letter to read more about the joy of wine and living.



It is often considered to cut wine from a reduced calorie diet. However it is all about moderation and a glass of wine is part of the Mediterranean diet which is the most healthy diet and lifestyle in the world. Therefore we wish you to reconsider before taking such a very drastic step!Medical evidence shows that moderate alcohol can be part of a healthy diet. On the plus side, you are getting antioxidants and cardiovascular benefits from the resveratrol. Perhaps stick to just one glass a day!

Louis Pasteur said: "Wine is the healthiest and most hygienic of drinks".

Also watch out for our lighter style wines of lower alcohol content on our Winejoy website.

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